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Kri-Kri (Hybrid) Ibex

Capra ssp


Dugi-Otok Island off the coast of Croatia.


Shoulder height about 32 inches. Weight 100-140 pounds. Males grow a large, shaggy chin beard. The Kri-Kri (Hybrid) ibex browses on leaves, twigs and weeds and is therefore a highly destructive feeder. Able to climb trees and feed in the branches. They are diurnal and all their senses are good. These are sturdy, powerful animals with an outer coat of long, coarse hair and undercover of fine wool. The coloration is very specific for these animals: yellowish-clear tan body color, with a distinctive "black cross" going from the front limbs across the center of the body towards the hind legs. Warning: "Hybrid Ibex" that show a different coloration or have more than two skin colors will be classified by SCI as "Feral Goat ( Europe )." The Kri-Kri (Hybrid) ibex have a distinctive horn formation: they rise upward and backward from the skull, and then spread sideways in a tight homonymous spiral.


These ibex are a cross-breed between the "Kri-Kri Ibex" and a "Feral Goat". They live in the wild; many of these populations have been feral for centuries.

The Kri-Kri (Hybrid) ibex does not count for the 12, but may be counted for the Super 20 and Super 30.

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