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Ladakh Urial

Ovis vignei vignei


Located from the Chitral region or northern Pakistan eastward to the Ladakh region of northern India.


Shoulder height about 34-38 inches. color is reddish-tan. Rump patch, muzzle, belly and lower legs are white. A dark band separates the belly from the upper body. Males have a white bib, a black neck ruff and a grayish saddle patch in the winter coat. The horn conformation varies, usually tending to curve above and behind the neck (supracervical), but some animals have homonymous horns or cervical ones. The horns rise steeply from the head and are strongly corrugated. They sometimes attain a full circle, but seldom exceed that. The horns curl on a flat plane, seldom spiraling or flaring at the tips.


One of the largest urials, with the most fully developed neck ruff.

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