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Laristan Mouflon

Ovis gmelini laristanica


Southern Iran, in Fars and Laristan provinces. Boundaries with the Kerman sheep to the east are unclear. The majority of these sheep are found in a large protected area called Hormoud; however, there are likely at least a few sheep in the non-protected areas there.


The Laristan mouflon has been said to be the smallest of the wild sheep. An adult ram has a full body weight of only 75 pounds or less. This is a thin-haired desert race with a short black ruff on the lower neck and breast. There is no bib. The summer coat is straw-brown, turning darker brown with a narrow white saddle patch in winter (The patch is very faint). The horns are homonymous and have a flat frontal surface with sharp edges.


This sheep is confined to only a couple of reserves near the city of Lar. This region experiences extreme desert conditions and temperatures can reach 130°F in the summer.

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