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Littledale Argali

Ovis ammon littledalei


Due east of the Tian Shan argali. Southwest of the Gobi argali and southeast of the Altay argali. Chinese authorities limit littledale argali to the small range that lies to the east of the Bogda Shan (eastern Tian Shan) and north and west of Hami (Kumul). As China is the only place where littledalei hunting took place, these are the boundaries used.


The Littledale argali, if not the largest, is one of the finest of argali sheep. Its massive, spiraling horns, although running the Altay and Hangay argalis a close third, have all qualities of a fine head. It appears to be the lowest of all the “low-brow” sheep.


This sheep is named after British sportsman St. George Littledale.

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