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Mallorcan Wild Goat

Capra aegagrus erxleben


Island of Mallorca, one of the Balearean Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. There mainly on the entire west coast and north-west in the Sierra de Tramuntana and the Formentor, Alcudia and Artá Peninsulas.


Shoulder height about 28 inches, average weight is 100-110 pounds. The Mallorcan wild goat (Balearean goat) browses on leaves, twigs and weeds and are therefore highly destructive feeders. Able to climb trees and feed in the branches. They are diurnal and all senses are good.


The oldest remains of this species have been dated to 2030 B.C. by archeologists that have studied the fauna of the Mediterranean Sea. The Balearean Goat is indigenous to the Balearean Island of Mallorca. These animals are completely wild, the biggest threat to their existence being the cross-breeding with domestic livestock.

The Mallorcan wild goat does not count for the 12 required for the Capra World Slam, but may be counted for the Super 20 and Super 30.

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