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North Africa Barbary or Aoudad Sheep

Ammotragus Lervia


Desert hills and mountains of northern Africa in the Red Sea Hills of Sudan and the Ennedi Mountains of Chad


Shoulder height 36-40 inches. Weight 200-250 pounds. The aoudad is a medium-sized mountain animal that is biologically intermediate between a goat and a sheep. It is strongly built, with a short mane on neck and shoulders and long flowing hair on throat, chest, forelegs and tail. The general color is sandy brown, with under parts paler. The horns are sheep-like, being smooth, thick, triangular in section, and curved to form a semi-circle over the neck (supracervical horns).


The aoudad is a superb game animal that is difficult to hunt under almost any circumstances. The aoudad may never have been common in northern Africa because of its limited habitat in the desert environment.

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