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North Baja Desert Bighorn



The North Baja desert bighorn sheep exists on the Baja of California from the international border between Mexico and the United States to the north and the 28° parallel to the south. To be more specific, the southern border of this subspecies is a straight line drawn across the peninsula from Isla Navidad on the west, through Guerrero Negro and continued east across the Baja to the Gulf of California.


The North Baja desert bighorn is the biggest of the three desert sheep that occur in Mexico (Mexicana, South Baja and North Baja). The body size is bigger by 20% and the horns are bigger by 16%.


Within Baja California, the areas occupied by desert bighorn in the north (cremnobates) differ significantly from areas occupied by desert bighorn in the south (weemsi). These areas are differentiated into sub-regions of Baja California on the basis of their climatic, animal and plant attributes.


The last time the North Baja desert bighorn (Cremnobates) was legally hunted was in 1990. There is not a huntable population at this time. There does not appear to be a government or a non-government organization working on reversing that status. However, recently Cremnobates have been taken in the Northern part of South Baja.

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