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North China Argali

Ovis ammon jubata


Yabrai Shan, Lang Shan and Daqin Shan mountains of Inner Mongolia, and the Helan Shan Mountains on the border of Inner Mongolia and Ningxia.


A large argali, with dark fawn-gray upperparts that contrast rather sharply with the light belly. The rump patch is large and light-colored, with distinct borders, and does not surround the tail. There is a well-developed mane on the neck and shoulders and a relatively short, light-gray neck ruff that blends into the dark shoulder hair. Compared with the Tibetan argali, its neck ruff is much shorter, darker and more limited in extent, and its horns are more massive, with more massive cores.


The North China argali is listed as endangered by the Chinese government. The principal threat to their existence was said to be poaching by locals. This species is very rare and has only been known to have been legally hunted and taken by three individuals – Paul Asper (PA), Hector Cuellar (MX), and Hubert Thummler (MX).

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