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Okhotsk Snow Sheep

Ovis nivicola alleni


Suitable mountain habitat East of the Lena River, including the Yablonovy, Stanovoi and DzugDzhur Mountains, West of Magadan and South of 62ยบ N. The majority of this subspecies are found in the Khabarovsk Region of Siberia. However, within the Magadan Region, the boundary is the southern route of the Trans-Siberian Highway, from the city of Magadan until it crosses the border of Yakutia. The boundary then goes south and follows the border of Yakutia. The area for the Okhotsk snow sheep in Magadan is relatively small.


Weight 180-230 pounds. There is a good deal of geographic variation in coloration and pattern, but essentially the summer coat is a light yellowish-gray that turns a grizzled grayish-brown in winter. Front of neck, shoulders and legs, dorsal stripe and tail are brown. Rump patch, belly and back of legs are whitish. Face, crown and back of neck are white, and a distinctive brown band crosses the face between eyes and nose. Soviet biologists report that typical horns measure 35 x 13 inches.


Steep, rugged terrain with nearby grassy pastures, in alpine and arctic regions.


This race of snow sheep has the largest white area on the forehead of all snow sheep, as well as the largest body size - identical to Kamchatka snow sheep.

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