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Quebec Labrador Caribou

Rangifer tarandus caribou


They are highly migratory, with regional herds following historical migration routes. They live on the tundra and can be found in Quebec and Labrador. At present, populations are very low compared to the past few decades. Tag numbers have been decreased, and scientists hope a rebound will begin soon.


The Quebec Labrador caribou is one of three regional caribou categories established for record-keeping by dividing the subspecies caribou into geographic groups based on antler size and shape. These categories were established by the Boone & Crockett Club and have come to be accepted by hunters everywhere. (The other two regional categories are mountain caribou and woodland caribou. All three are classified as woodland caribou [R. t. caribou] by scientists.) This is a medium-sized caribou, with mature bulls averaging 350-450 pounds. Antlers are frequently spectacular: although not particularly heavy, they usually have very wide spreads and long, forward-curving beams. Brow and bez tines are usually well palmated, and there is a high proportion of double shovels. Overall color is pale brown, with contrasting white neck and mane; a very handsome animal.

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