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Sair Argali

Ovis ammon sairensis


Found in the Tarbagatay Mountains of extreme eastern Kazakhstan and northern Xinjiang, ranging eastward through the Sair Mountains. Well separated from the Karaganda argali to the west.


Horn lengths to 50-1/2 inches and bases to 15 1/2 inches have been recorded. Considerably smaller than the Tibetan argali, but with heavy horns and a relatively higher "brow," which might indicate a closer relationship to the Altai, Gobi and Tibetan argalis than to those farther west and south. It is described as uniformly reddish-fawn in summer, except for the white muzzle, with no rump patch and under parts darker. The winter coat has a white neck ruff, which may encircle the head, white under parts and rump, and white areas on the face.

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