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Severtzov Argali

Ovis ammon severtzovi


Uzbekistan, in the Nura Tau range in the southern part of the Kyzyl Kum Desert, northwest of Samarkand.


The smallest argali. Shoulder height 34-38 inches. The winter coat is dark brown above, slightly paler on the neck, and grayish-brown on flanks and tail. The head is darker than the neck. Rump patch, belly and muzzle are white. Lower legs are dirty white except for dark, reddish-brown stripes on the fronts. The white neck ruff is short (one inch) and tinged with gray. No saddle patch or bib present.


Morphologically, this sheep is intermediate between the urials and argalis, as it exhibits characteristics of both. In 1996 scientists determined, while working from blood and tissue samples obtained from GSCO member Donald Cox, that the Severtzov sheep is indeed an argali, with 56 chromosomes.

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