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Shiraz Mouflon

Ovis gmelini ssp


The boundary for this sheep is somewhat controversial. GSCO and the SCI Record book accept that the Shiraz mouflon is found in the reserves near the city of Shiraz, and south and east to the cities of Jahrom and Darab. There are several protected areas near Shiraz, and within the boundaries set for the Shiraz mouflon. This is an area of the Zagros Mountains that extends from 30 miles northwest of the city of Shiraz in a southeasterly direction to the town of Haji-Abad, a little over 200 miles from Shiraz.


The Shiraz mouflon has a much larger body size than the Laristan mouflon. The horns should curve downward and start the curl back up, because of the Laristan mouflon influence from the south. Yet, there should be a more pronounced white saddle patch and typical mouflon look to them. Maybe there will be an occasional ram with more of an Esfahan/Armenian horn configuration look, but should not be at all common.


There is a rather dramatic difference between the Esfahan mouflon and the Shiraz mouflon. By the same token, there is a rather dramatic difference between the Laristan mouflon and the Shiraz mouflon. Generally the horns of the Esfahan mouflon more resemble the horn configuration of the Armenian mouflon found to its north. The horns of the Shiraz mouflon more resemble the horn configuration of the Laristan mouflon found to its south. Over time, the Shiraz and Esfahan mouflons’ seem to have developed their own distinct characteristics and warrant separate trophy classifications. Currently, the Shiraz mouflon has eight entries in the SCI Record Book, but in the GSCO archives there are nine more recorded.

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