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Sulaiman Markhor

Capra falconeri jerdoni


Pakistan, south of the Gumal River, mainly in the Sulaiman range and the Torghar Hills of the Toba-Kakar range (District Zhob), and in the Takatu Hills (District Quetta).


Shoulder height 35-36 inches. Weight perhaps 150 pounds. A smaller markhor with a comparatively short body. The coat is short, coarse and thick in winter, short and smooth in summer. The male's ruff is much shorter and less conspicuous than in the northern races. The horns are straight, forming two to three complete spiral turns that can have either a tight twist resembling a corkscrew or a more open twist of the Kabul type.


Desert mountains not usually higher than 10,000 feet, but offering some of the more difficult and dangerous hunting for mountain game in the world.


Stockley wrote that the ground this animal lived on was particularly bad, the rock being crumbly and rotten as well as steep. He felt it was only this that had saved the animal from extermination by local tribesmen.

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