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Tian Shan Argali

Ovis ammon karelini


This argali is found along the westernmost part of the Tian Shan Mountains of China. These mountains extend into Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. There seems to be no discrepancy in Kazakhstan, but in Kyrgyzstan the boundary for the Tian Shan argali is considered to be north of the Naryn River.


The Tian Shan argali is said to be similar to the Marco Polo, but its horns have a tighter curl and are generally thicker. The winter coat was described by Severtzov as having light brown upper parts that lighten gradually to the diffuse, grayish-brown rump patch. The yellowish-white belly is separated from the flanks by a wide dark line. A dark dorsal line runs from shoulders to loins. Neck mane is white, shaded with grayish-brown.

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