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Tibetan Argali

Ovis ammon hodgsoni


A very extensive range, covering Ladakh (northern India), northern Nepal, most of Tibet (China).


Weighs 200-220 pounds, sometimes more. A large argali. The horns are less massive than in an Altay or Gobi argali. They form a tighter spiral with little or no flare, and are usually less than a full curl. The tips are usually broken or broomed. In winter, the upper parts are grayish-brown, with the throat, chest, rump, under parts and inside of legs white. There is a dark streak down the front of the legs. The head is brown with a white muzzle. The rams have a ruff of long white hairs on neck and throat, and a dark crest on the back of the neck.


This argali ranges over a huge area. It is a fact that far more of these sheep exist in China than in India or Nepal.

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