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Yakutia Snow Sheep

Ovis nivicola lydekkeri


From the Lena River eastward North of 62ยบ N, including the Verhoyansk, Cherskiy, Momskiy, Kolyma and other ranges, west of the Penzhina River. The majority of this subspecies are found in the Yakutia Region of Siberia. All the sheep located in the Yakutia Region are considered to be Yakutia snow sheep. Within the Magadan Region, the eastern boundary is the Kolyma River until it intersects with the southern route of the Trans-Siberian Highway. The boundary then runs westerly until the trans-Siberian Highway intersects with the border of Yakutia.


The summer coat is a light yellowish-gray that turns a grizzled grayish-brown in winter. Front of neck, shoulders and legs, dorsal stripe and tail are brown. Rump patch, belly and back of legs are whitish. Face, crown and back of neck are white, and a distinctive brown band crosses the face between eyes and nose. Although slightly smaller through most of its range, this sheep has less white on the forehead that the Okhotsk race. This snow sheep is the most widely distributed.


Steep, rugged terrain with nearby grassy pastures, in alpine and arctic regions.


These sheep are a noticeably lighter color, much like Fannin sheep in North America, and have a thick, soft, wooly hair, strikingly different than the hair of other snow sheep.

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