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World Record Hangay Argali

This is the story of the world record Hangay Argali as told by Dennis Campbell, the hunter who took the ram. As of the date of this post, this Argali still ranks #1 in the SCI record book.

Personal remarks:
It is odd that I should write this post because Cameron Mitchell shot the interview and edited the footage but he asked me to do it so I am. It is surreal to watch my dear friend in this piece as it was recorded less than 4 months before he passed away and at the time none of us even knew he was sick. Dennis was so much more than a boss to me, his work ethic was an inspiration, his compassion taught me not to judge others too quickly, and his constant, unwavering faith in Christ helped me through some very dark spiritual times of my own. Thank you buddy, you are still very much loved and missed. ~Dave