Ovis Awards 

2004: Ron Carey

The third annual Ovis went to a most deserving person: Ronald D. Carey of Alberta, Canada. Ron has dedicated his hunting life to the mountain animals of the highest places and is tremendously accomplished as a mountain hunter. Ron has a total of 32 different species/subspecies of wild sheep. He has multiples of several, for a total of 47 rams. His North American rams total nine, and he has an amazing 16 argalis, as he has sort of specialized in the giant sheep of the world. As for the Capra animals (goats), he has taken his share there too. He has 17 different Capra species/subspecies, and has the extremely rare Kashmir and Sulaiman markhors. Ron has been a tremendous supporter of GSCO over the years, as well as other conservation organizations. Again, Ron Carey is and was a most deserving recipient of the Ovis. Congratulations, Ron, as the 2004 Ovis recipient!