Pantheon Awards 

2013: Hubert Thummler

Hubert Thummler did not get involved with GSCO until the year 2000. He had been extremely involved with SCI and other organizations before that. When GSCO did appear on his radar, he became a very prolific reporter of his hunting exploits. He completed Grand Slam #1033 in 1989, but did not register it until 2000. Likewise, he qualified for the Ovis and Capra World Slams long before joining GSCO and actually documenting them. He went on to achieve and document an Ovis Super 40 (one of only four people to ever do so) in 2002 and a Capra Super 30 in 2004. He completed the Super Slam of North American Big Game in April 2004 with a polar bear. As for the World Conservation and Hunting Award, Hubert qualified for that award before it was ever conceived, and, like fellow Pantheon recipient Ed Yates, received it in 2006, the first year it was presented. All who know Hubert know him as a true gentleman and a faithful conservationist, especially in his home country of Mexico and he is most deserving as one of the first ever inductees into the Pantheon.

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