Legend Awards 

2013: Legend Hector Cuellar

Hector Cuellar was born in 1931 in Mexico City. He received a degree in chemical engineering in 1955. He and his wife Bertha have five children and eleven grandchildren. He has been extremely successful with his business of manufacturing industrial valves in Mexico, as well as other countries around the world. He remains extremely involved in the business even today, but through the years has taken more than 350 different species and subspecies from around the world. He was presented with the Weatherby Award in 1986 and has won several of SCI’s top hunting awards. Even though Hector has hunted every continent, it is the mountain species that have drawn him so very much. He has taken more than 45 of the different sheep and well over 30 of the Capra species.

Not only was he presented with the Legend Award , he also received recognition for officially registering his Grand Slam, Ovis World Slam Super 45, Capra World Slam Super 30, and Triple Slam. Hector obviously completed these milestones long ago, but he has not slowed down at all. Of special note is the fact that after Hector’s double knee replacement in 2011 at 80 years old, he traveled to the Caucasus Mountains and took the only tur he did not have, which was the mid-Caucasian. That tur was not big enough for Hector, so he went back in 2012 at age 81 and got a bigger one to suit his way of doing things. That sure sounds like “Living Legend” material to us. Hector Cuellar is most definitely one of the greatest mountain hunters of all time but he is also a true gentleman and obviously one of the toughest human beings to ever walk the planet. We could never have chosen a better representative for the 2013 Legend Award than Hector Cuellar.