Pantheon Awards 

2014: Rex Baker

It is hard to even begin the recognition narrative for Rex Baker because of his extensive hunting background. For all practical purposes he has always specialized in mountain hunting, beginning with his Grand Slam #253, completed in 1978 just two years after he took his first ram. Rex had actually completed what would become known as the Ovis World Slam as early as 1980. This was made possible by not only his North American sheep, but in 1978 he had an extremely successful hunt in Iran, taking both Armenian and Esfahan mouflon, Kerman sheep, red sheep and a Transcaspian urial. He got the thirtieth trophy for the Ovis World Slam Super 30 in 2006 and he is working hard to become one of only a handful of hunters in history to get to the Ovis Super 40. Moving on to the Capra World Slam, Rex also completed that milestone before it had a name. When GSCO instituted the Capra Slam in 2001, Rex had already taken his twelfth Capra animal in 1998. With this new milestone, he got pretty busy with the goats of the world and by 2009 he was all the way up to thirty on the list. Rex has all the toughest to get goats, including the turs, and he even went back to Nepal for his second trip in 2009 to get the tahr that he did not get on his first trip back in 1979. In addition to mountain hunting around the globe, Rex has hunted North America extensively, stretching into five decades. From Rex’s application, it appears a mule deer and a tule elk from 2000 were the last two trophies for the Super Slam, which of course was not introduced by GSCO until 2009. It is worth noting, Rex completed all GSCO Slams, except the Grand Slam, before they were even introduced. He likes goals, but it is obvious that hunting is his number one priority. Not simply a hunter, Rex has always been a conservationist too and he began early with Safari Club International at both the chapter and national levels. He served early on as a regional representative and he has supported the SCI record book and awards programs that began later. Rex has won some of the world’s most important hunting awards, including SCI’s International Hunting Award in 2002 and also the coveted Weatherby Award in 2002. He was the recipient of the OVIS in 2007. Rex is also one of only three Americans to receive the top European mountain award known as Culminum Magistar. In 2013 Rex qualified for the World Hunting and Conservation Award from SCI, the final requisite for induction into the Pantheon. He also qualified for SCI’s World Hunting Award Ring way back in 2001. Rex has taken well over 300 big game species from around the world and continues to hunt multiple trips every year. His pursuit of African trophies has been just as passionate as the mountain game species with some of his African trophies dating back to the 1970’s. One of his most notable African trophies is the Barbary sheep Rex took in Chad in 2003, one of that continent’s few mountain animals. With close to six decades of hunting behind him and no sign of slowing down, it is clear that Rex Baker is a most deserving Pantheon inductee.

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