Ovis Awards 

2015: Kenneth Barr

2015 OVIS recipient Ken Barr is joined for photos by
past OVIS recipients Soudy Golabchi (L) and Alan Means.

2015 Ovis recipient Kenneth Barr was both shocked and humbled to hear his name announced from the stage of the 11th annual Slam Quest Convention. Ken is pictured here with fellow OVIS recipients Hossein (Soudy) Golabchi (L) and Alan Means (R).

Ken Barr has certainly set himself apart in recent years as one of the world’s premiere mountain hunters. From GSCO’s records, we find that Ken began his mountain hunting career only some twenty-three years ago. However, once Ken got the mountain hunting bug, he has gone full tilt. Amazingly, he has mixed in hunting on every huntable continent for every other type of big game as well, but there is no doubt he has concentrated on the wild sheep and goats of the world.

Ken has the Ovis World Slam Super 30 with an astounding total of 62 Ovis trophies. He also has the Capra Super 30, as you would imagine, where he is up to forty-three total.

Over the years, Ken has been very faithful and conscientious with regard to registration and documentation of his trophy hunting adventures. Especially when considering his busy schedule of hunting and running a full-time farming operation. He has closely worked with GSCO in the ever-important aspect of reporting, recording and documenting. As such, he is seen in almost every issue of Slam Quest.

Another area where Ken has distinguished himself is as a conservationist. Ken has a very quiet demeanor, but he speaks loudly when it comes to his commitment to conservation. It is not just GSCO Ken supports, but SCI, WSF, and many other smaller organizations. He has done his part and has certainly been one of those to “put back.”

Considering the credentials he has amassed, even with a hunting career that some may call “short,” We are sure you will agree, 2015 OVIS recipient Ken Barr is a most deserving recipient.

Ken Barr with his 2007 Marco Polo argali.

Ken displays true shock and disbelief as he is
congratulated by his peers.