Pantheon Awards 

2017: Archie Nesbitt

There have been major discussions over the last couple of years between the GSCO board of directors and several members concerning Pantheon qualifications for bow hunters. Because of international laws and the difficulty of bow hunting for Ovis and Capra trophies, it would have been impossible for a bow hunter to ever be inducted into the Pantheon. Because of this, the GSCO board voted in 2016 to allow the requirement as concerns the Ovis and Capra trophies to be simply the Ovis World Slam and Capra World Slam of 12 each. The Archery Grand Slam, Super Slam and Triple Slam remain the same for all. The SCI World Conservation & Hunting Award remains the same. Therefore, for 2017 the first bow hunter ever, Archie Nesbitt of Alberta, is being inducted into the Pantheon. Archie completed Grand Slam #892, and Archery Grand Slam #14, in March 2000. He completed Archery Super Slam #6 in September 2001 with an Alaska-Yukon moose. Archie even has the Atlantic walrus as part of his Archery Super Slam. He became only the second person ever to complete an Archery Ovis World Slam in 2004, and in 2005 he became the first person ever to complete a Capra World Slam with bow and arrow, which naturally made him Archery Triple Slammer #1. Archie completed the requirements for the World Conservation & Hunting Award in 2009. So, the stage was set, and just waiting the seven years before GSCO accepted the new requirements for bow hunters and the Pantheon.

Watch the entire Pantheon video presentation below: