Ovis Awards 

2019: Jose “Pepe” Madrazo

Pepe Madrazo has certainly set himself apart as one of the world’s premier mountain hunters. From GSCO’s records, we find that Pepe began his mountain hunting career some 40 years ago. Pepe has consistently hunted mountain game over the last four decades. Amazingly, he has mixed in hunting on every huntable continent for every other type of big game, but there is no doubt he has concentrated on the wild sheep and goats of the world. As you would imagine, Pepe has the Ovis World Slam Super 30 as well as the Capra Super 30. For the Ovis sheep species, Pepe has 39 species with a total of 50 rams all documented and recorded with GSCO, and for the Capra trophies he is up to 38 species with a total of 59 goats. Pepe has Grand Slam #1463, completed in 2008. Pepe has taken all the huntable snow sheep, including the newly recognized Chukotka snow sheep.

Pepe has taken eleven separate species of argalis from seven Asian countries, including a Gobi and Gansu from China, Hangay from Mongolia, Altay from Russia, Marco Polo from Tajikistan, Hume from Kyrgyzstan, Sair, Tian Shan, Littledale and Kara Tau from Kazakhstan, and Severtzov from Uzbekistan. All of these hunts were the basis for his excellent book, “OVIS AMMON – THE ARGALI TRAIL”.

For the blue sheep, Pepe has taken two of the Chinese varieties and the Himalayan from Nepal. In the mouflon category, Pepe has six Europeans, as well as the Armenian and Esfahan from Iran.

Moving along to the urials, we find that Pepe has all four of those, with his Transcaspian from Iran, Blanford and Punjab from Pakistan, and his Afghan urial from Uzbekistan.

The turs are a transition species between Ovis and Capra, and Pepe has each of those three, so he did not shy away from the steep Caucasus Mountain hunting.

Pepe has the American mountain goat and all ten species of chamois. Pepe traveled to Nepal and was able to collect the difficult Himalayan tahr.

Moving along to the ibex, we find that Pepe has all of those including the highly desirable Nubian ibex from Sudan, and Persian desert ibex from Iran. Pepe didn’t forget about the markhor species, as he has taken the Bukharan from Uzbekistan and the Astor from Pakistan.

There are of course some other trophies Pepe has, such as the Mallorcan wild goat, bezoar (hybrid) ibex, and Kri-Kri (hybrid) ibex. Pepe is only one of very few GSCO members to have both a goral [GORE-AL] and serow [SUR-RAU] taken from the Himalayas of China as part of his Capra World Slam. These two species are a major part of his book, “SAFARI IN CHINA”.

Pepe has distinguished himself as a serious and dedicated conservationist, giving back to the hunting world in many ways. Only last year, Pepe was inducted into the Pantheon of International Big Game Hunting and he counts among his other achievements the Conklin Award, the World Hunting Award Ring, the Culminum Magister [MAH-HEES-TUR] Award, SCI’s International Hunting Award, and being a Weatherby Award finalist.