Pantheon Awards 

2023: Dr. Bradford T. Black

Brad grew up in northern California before moving to Arkansas at the age of 12. It was here that first discovered his passion for hunting and fishing. At age 13 Brad went on his first real hunt and took a single squirrel that was treed by his dog. That hunt was 53 years ago, and Brad still has that original squirrel skin to this very day. 

Brad’s first big game hunt took place in 1997 when he traveled to Saskatchewan, Canada and took a whitetail deer. Little did he know the journey on which he was embarking after taking that buck.

Brad’s first international hunt was in 2000 in Tajikistan for Marco Polo argali. There he met Mark Hampton and began to learn about the different GSCO milestones. Soon after the hunt, Brad became a GSCO life member. 

Brad achieved Grand Slam #1653 in September 2010 with a California bighorn and he completed Super Slam #103 in September 2013 with a barren ground caribou in Alaska. Brad finished Triple Slam #177 and Slam Quest Pinnacle #48 in August 2014 when he took a Dagestan (Eastern) tur in Azerbaijan.

Brad’s Capra Super 30 Milestone was achieved in November 2019 with an Anatolian chamois, and he reached number 30 on this Ovis list in August 2022 when he took a beautiful Fannin ram in the Yukon. This ram was the final trophy he needed to be inducted into the Pantheon. 

Brad says his most memorable hunt was in Ethiopia in March 2021 where he got 28 animals in just 24 days, including multiple SCI #1 World Records. 

Like many Pantheon recipients, Brad loves a good challenge, so naturally his first love is the world’s mountain hunts, with safaris in Africa being a close second place. 

Brad received the SCI World Conservation and Hunting Award in 2014 and was the recipient of the SCI International Hunting Award in 2022. Amazingly, he was the recipient of the Weatherby Award, Conklin Award, and was inducted into the Pantheon, all in 2023. There is no doubt that Brad has certainly paid his dues and earned his place in the hunting world. It is an honor to recognize Brad Black for his amazing hunting accomplishments and dedication to wildlife conservation around the world.

Congratulations, Brad, on your remarkable hunting achievement!